Black Garlic Bulb multi pack


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This is heat-aged garlic, the taste is totally unexpected and nothing like the regular garlic you use. Sweet and savoy notes of dates, honey, liquorice and balsamic vinegar. A flavour profile that fits perfectly with the Japanese word umami, taste that is not singularly sweet, sour, salty or bitter, referred to as 'the fifth taste'. 
The heat ageing process takes over 30 days, after which we rest it for up to six months. This resting period is just as important as the heating stage, it's when all the flavours develop. Use a couple of succulent cloves in a spaghetti Bolognese for a deeper savoury flavour with a hint of smokiness. The cloves work really well with a cheese board, complementing cheddars and Danish blues . just spread some on a cracker for a simple and luxurious  treat.
the pack contains 4 bulbs at a min 150g.