Seasoning triple pack


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We make each seasoning in small batches so all our seasonings are limited. 
With this great value pack you get one tin each of our sensational seasonings. Each one will bring a new flavour profile to your favourite dishes. 

First Krush. Garlic granules made from UK hard neck garlic. We make this from single source garlic.  A really strong and robust flavour.

Seaside Krush. Hard neck garlic and the light sweetness of sea salt flakes from our local family salt maker. 

Midnight Krush. Black garlic sea salt. It really is the next step up seasoning. The multi-layered taste of black garlic perfectly blended with our local sea salt. 

Each tin is a minimum of 60 grams. 
Available separately.

Most shop bought seasoning is made from multiple source garlic and bulked out with additives and anti caking agents.
We use black garlic, garlic and sea salt. Nothing else. Because we don't use additives like anti-caking agents, if the product does clump, simply shake the tin or stir with a spoon.