The BBQ Krush


So finally my parents have given me permission to use this family recipe. A classic BBQ seasoning with a smoky twist of black garlic sugar.
This is one of the first seasonings that wasn't predominantly  garlic that I remember. Just the scent of this takes me back to childhood days of lazy warm evenings; grandpa in chefs role on the brick BBQ, turning the chicken drumsticks , me carrying out bowls of bread and potato salad. Mum and Dad and the Robinsons from Blue Bell farm all at the huge wooden table on the patio, all of us just catching the scent of summer and BBQ as Grandpa triumphantly brought over the first bowl of chicken.  I must of been 7 or 8, a can of pop was open and I swear I remember thinking life couldn't get any better!
well this is the mix that takes me back. A balanced blend of onion, sea salt, garlic, chilli, oregano, coriander peppers, black garlic sugar and a hint of mustard.
It's 50g in a Kraft food pouch.