The Garlic Krush Pack


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For those with a serious Garlic Krush, this is the pack for you or the dream gift. One 60g tin of each of our four classic garlic seasonings, garlic sea salt, garlic granules, garlic and chilli and black garlic salt. There is also two 50g tubs of our peeled black garlic and a 50g pack of garlic chips, a new seasoning and a taster pack of one other seasoning.
Each of our seasonings are hand crafted in small batches and have the full flavour that you've always wanted, but probably never experienced from store bought seasonings.
We make our garlic granules differently to how everyone else makes them, this is why they have so much more flavour. As soon as you pop open the tin you will experience the strong garlic flavour you want. It takes more time to make them this way, its what helps develop the flavour. We make the granules and garlic sea salt exactly the same way my grandfather did 70 years ago.
Our black garlic is heat aged for 30 days, we then rest the bulbs for up to six months. This is how you get the rich and honey sweet flavour. Patience brings many rewards, the reward here is flavour. Notes of liquorice, balsamic, honey all with a gentle smokiness in the background.
The individual price is £33.

one tin each of : garlic granules,  garlic chilli, black garlic sea salt, garlic sea salt. two 50g tubs of peeled black garlic, one pack of garlic chips and one pack of a new seasoning.

So here is the full pack, grab one for yourself or a gift. If it is for a gift please mention  on the order form or send us a message as the delivery note inside is hand written.
We hope you will join us on our garlic krush.